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MNO Canoe Expedition - Agawa Point

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Agawa Point
The Expedition visits the ancient Agawa Rock pictographs
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The following is an excerpt from the Expedition Journal of Gerald Lavallee:Today we started out from Agawa Point only a kilometer or so from the famous pictographs in Lake Superior Provincial Park, a sacred place of spirituality to the Ojibwe people it was used for vision quests to seek out help from the Manitou’s and as a honorary site to record great spirits and events. As we left from our campsite in the wavy waters I reflected on all the voyageurs and paddlers in the past who had sought out safe passage as well.A few minutes later we were approaching the amazing cliff face. It was surrounded with an air of mystery and holiness; we were truly amazed at the sheer gargantuan size of the cliff face. Paddling closer, the red stained images revealed themselves to us one by one, there patina worn down by a hundred years of wind, ice and rain but still shining though the rough granite. The images were spectacular. Among the depictions of canoes and animals such as cranes, eagles, turtles and moose I saw one exceptionally bright pictograph that I had been searching for. It was of a legendary great Manitou Misshepezhieu a spirit that is said to control the waters of Lake Superior and if angered would lash out his spiny tail to stir up the lake! I stood in awe of the simple beauty of this image. When I left I dropped a traditional offering of tobacco asked Misshepezhieu for safe passage and thanked the Creator for the amazing experience of truly connecting with my past.

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