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MNO Canoe Expedition - Pukaskwa National Park

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Pukaskwa National Park
Another beautiful day and a visit from home for one voyageur
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The following is an excerpt from the Expedition Journal of Josh Szajewski:We had another beautiful day today! Today was our arrival into Pukaskwa National Park. As we had already paddled past, we shuttled back to Pic River First Nations Reserve and paddled to the office at Pukaskwa. We had an awesome crowd there who were very interested in our expedition. It was a beautiful day and our arrival was a lot of fun.I was lucky enough to have my parents there as they came to our camp near us for a few days. And even though my dad whopped me in head wrestling it was really amazing to see them. They cooked us an awesome dinner, which was great because not only did we not have to cook, but we got to enjoy my dad’s awesome cooking, which I was really missing.(Photo courtesy of Paradis Photography)

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