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MNO Canoe Expedition - Blind River

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Blind River
Past and present collide as the Expedition arrives in Blind River
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The following is an excerpt from the Expedition Journal of Emily Ingram:Our arrival in Blind River was a lot of fun. They had a wonderful marina for us to paddle into, and even arranged for us to be able to stay there overnight. The turnout for our arrival was very good and we had a lot of involvement from the community. I met the local metis fiddle player, and the man who made her fiddle gave me a card. Although all of this was a very interesting time, there is one more event that I thought I should let you know about.The folks from Blind River took us to visit an old voyageur cemetery from the 1800’s. This cemetery was overgrown with all sorts of trees and bushes. The first stone we saw was a rectangular slab with writings on it about the passed, who had drowned. We saw about four more stones after that in assorted shapes and sizes. There were small crosses and monuments that towered at over 8 feet tall. The entire visit was made even more interesting by the fact that the girl who was giving us the tour was the descendant of one of the voyageurs.It was really interesting to see the past connect with the future as she pointed out her who-knows-how-great-grandfather’s tombstone, put there in the 1800’s. The historical metis voyageurs and the new generation of voyageurs had a connection through that place. And it was an honour to be a part of it.

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