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MNO Canoe Expedition - Ojibway Island

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Ojibway Island
The Expedition skirts the northern coast of Georgian Bay
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The following is an excerpt form the Expedition Journal of Kyle Grenier:After what felt like a short sleep we awoke to the sound of Emily’s wake up call at 4:30am. We ate breakfast and packed the canoe, so we could get a headstart on the long day ahead.The water was rough, but we steered onward towards the wind, mindful of how the wind can change at any minute. It indeed did change from 10mph winds to well over 15mph which is very difficult to paddle through when it’s coming straight at you. We had a stretch where we had to paddle in open water which felt like eternity. We took shelter in the inlets of passing islands.We arrived at Point Au Baril Nature Reserve, which use to be an “old” campsite with outhouses that weren’t used in years. That didn’t stop Gerald however as he ran towards the outhouse in full stride singing and laughing. He told us that it was infested with spiders and even a birds nest.That evening on the northern coast of Georgian Bay, waiting for dinner to be served, I wondered how my family was doing and what life would have been like if I didn’t decide to take this once in a lifetime experience. Then it hit me! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else then right here, spending a beautiful summer with people I once called strangers.

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