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MNO Canoe Expedition - French River Provincial Park

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French River Provincial Park
Leaving the Thirty Thousand Islands the Expedition faces high winds and chilly temperatures
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The following is a excerpt form the Expedition Journal of Heather Bunn:Well today started out without mosquitos or rain so it was awesome! We got on the water early and knew it would be a very long day if we were to make it to make it to Killarney on time. We needed to paddle for much longer than usual and we all knew it. It was windy and chilly and we all layered up like crazy, pants over shorts and sweaters under jackets. We got on the water at 6am and off at 7pm.We got the opportunity today to navigate a labyrinth of islands today and to walk the boat over rocks as we paddled through the more protected areas of lake so it was less windy. Sadly we got stuck on lots of rocks and had to keep jumping out of the canoe and pulling it off and then jumping back in before it got too deep for us to walk.Paddling today was harder than usual because it was really windy and the wind was in our faces all day, we struggled all day to make our kilometres but we all persevered and we made it the 50km we needed to complete and the 13 hours we took to do it. It was a real voyageur day for us and we all were happy to eat a nice warm meal and set up camp after such a long day.

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