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MNO Canoe Expedition - Penetanguishene

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Heavy rain does not dampen spirits at Penetanguishene arrival
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The following is a excerpt form the Expedition Journal of Elizabeth Clapin:So it was pouring, and unfortunately rain ponchos are not part of the traditional clothing. I could see the paddlers coming in--all in traditional clothing--soaking wet. I was on land, wearing my traditional dress underneath a rain poncho with fake crocs instead of moccasins. As they pulled into the beach I knew it was time to lose the poncho--so I did. As such, I was the driest of the group (I also dawned my poncho as soon as the crowd dispersed, which happened to be just as the rain picked up).We danced at the event, and I was the only one from MCE wearing moccasins this time. The socks were slipping on the floor and we had a couple falls, but nobody was injured.Thank you Georgian Bay Métis for the excellent hospitality and great enthusiasm. We enjoyed answering all of your questions and we hope you enjoyed our dancing skills! The lasagna was excellent by the way. Thanks chefs!

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