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MNO Canoe Expedition - Holland's Landing

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Holland's Landing
The MNO Canoe Expedition departs from the Royal Navy Depot at Holland's Landing this morning
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The MNO Canoe Expedition crew departed from The Royal Navy Depot Holland Landing on June 18th, 2014. Holland's Landing, constructed during the War of 1812, stood just north of this site on the east bank of Soldiers’ Bay. Its buildings and other facilities served as an administrative and transshipment centre within a network of roads, waterways, portages and posts that connected Lake Ontario to the upper Great Lakes. To avoid American forces in the Niagara-Lake Erie-Detroit River corridor, British authorities moved vital supplies from York (Toronto) through this depot to Georgian Bay to support the successful war effort on the upper lakes. In addition, they distributed gifts to Aboriginal allies in the region from this site."- Scott Carpenter (MNO staff)

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