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Wild Blueberries

Food is at the heart of traditional Métis hospitality and culture...
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“and then Dad would take my mother and some of my uncles and my aunts by boat, and I don’t know exactly where, it was up the shore, up by Go Home Bay looking for blueberries, and they come back with all kinds of blueberries too, and she would do all her preserves for winter, all her preserves were made for winter.  And we had like a dug-out basement, and it was a trap door, and we kept all our food, she grew her own potatoes, we had our own garden, a big garden, it was a lot of work.” -- Métis TK Survey participantFood is at the heart of traditional Métis hospitality and culture. There are many long, rich stories about spontaneous family and community gatherings – Many of these stories would mention berry-picking expeditions, the search for a field of plump blueberries and spending hours on hands and bended knee, picking them; or the fond memory of grandmother’s blueberry pie filling the air with that beautiful aroma.From community to community, region to region, there is common thread for those that harvest berries. For many, the harvest of blueberries represents a special time that is shared between family and friends. It’s a time to bond, create last memories and share in the bounty of all that nature has to offer.

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