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Ice Fishing

Fishing for food is an important activity for the Métis...
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“He come and drilled a hole with his rod right next door to me like that, because I was using a stick. I was catching the fish and he was still trying to catch the fish with a rod and he couldn’t eh. So we put a stick in the ice you know, and we got an old piece of plastic bag or something, and you just tie it on there and the wind catches it eh. And it will move the stick or you can take a piece of cedar branch and tie it on and the wind will catch it eh. (Makes waving motion with hand) You know and jig your stick like that. You know, but these guys couldn’t figure out why we catching fish on just sticks that we cut from the bush, eh. So it’s like just different tactics, eh.” -- Métis Traditional Knowledge survey participantFishing for food is an important activity for the Métis. A wide range of species are harvested throughout the year, using various methods. Fish is viewed as an important source of food and harvesting fish represents an important cultural activity for connecting with the land.Many Métis can relate to fishing for various species in boats or from shore on open water, but there are fewer who brave the elements that winter throws at them, to challenge the ice and snow in search of Pickerel (Walleye), Jackfish (Pike), Whitefish or Lake Trout.While sustenance fishing is an activity enjoyed by Métis communities throughout Ontario, the ice fishing located along the north shore of Lake Superior and its surrounding area can offer up some the best ice fishing opportunities in the province.

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