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Nipigon area

Commercial fishing is a way of life for the...
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Commercial fishing is a way of life for the Adams family and many other Métis families and individuals in this area who utilize the lands and waters to provide both their livelihood and sustenance and has important family, historical, and cultural connections to Métis communities in this area. Métis participation in commercial fisheries took place in the early 20th century on Lake Nipigon, Lake Superior and other lakes in the region and is well-documented. It has been noted that Métis in the area got involved in commercial fishing in the 19th century as steam ships began coming onto Lake Superior, which facilitated trade in large fish stocks, including with the Hudson’s Bay Company, which itself established a fishing station on Shaginash Island. Commercial fishing has historically been and continues to be an important livelihood and way of life for many Métis families.

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