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LOCATION - North-West Rebellion Monument

In 1895, the Ontario government erected the North-West...
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In 1895, the Ontario government erected the North-West Rebellion monument dedicated to the 43 Canadians killed during the 1885 Métis resistance in the Canadian North-West.The execution of Louis Riel followed the events of 1885 and it was emblematic of a wave of anti-Métis feeling that swept through Ontario after the resistance. Métis in Ontario were labeled as traitors and had to keep their Métis identity secret for fear of reprisals. Métis had become known as the “forgotten peoples”. As the monument fails to reference the Métis defenders who also died during the resistance or the Métis desire to negotiate, it reflects the widespread belief at the time that the Métis were traitors.Ironically, since the Métis Nation on Ontario’s formation in 1993, it has held provincial Louis Riel Day ceremonies at Queen’s Park using the North-West Rebellion monument as a focal point for commemorations. By holding commemorations in Riel’s honour there, Métis are asserting themselves and refusing to remain forgotten peoples.

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